A special 2-day event led by Ginger Lapid-Bogda PhD and Peter O’Hanrahan



What You'll Get

  • Learn, confirm and deepen your knowledge of the Enneagram
  • Create more successful relationships in love, work, families and communities

  • Bring more of yourself – head, heart and body – to all your interpersonal interactions

  • Engage in everyday practices that will make you a more effective communicator

Whether you are new to the Enneagram or have been studying and using the Enneagram for a long time, this dynamic program will heighten and deepen your ability to relate more deeply and productively in all aspects of your life.

Led by internationally known and respected Enneagram teachers – Ginger Lapid-Bogda and Peter O’Hanrahan – expect a dynamic, interactive, and illuminating experience. Peter brings 38 years of Enneagram knowledge and insight, as well as unparalleled depth in the somatic aspects of the Enneagram. Ginger, the author of 6 Enneagram-business books, brings over 40 years of experience in organizations as a coach, trainer and consultant, and is known for her extraordinary ability to design creative, interactive, experiential learning.

Bring yourself, your family and friends, and your colleagues to this event that will revolutionize the way you engage in relationships.








Saturday and Sunday, October 28-29, 2017 | 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM


McCormick Lounge in Coffey Hall on the Lake Shore Campus of Loyola University, Chicago


Click here for a map of the Coffey Hall at Loyola campus; see building 27


Materials and breaks included; casual dress


$175 both days

To register

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To pay by check, make a check to First Analysis Institute, P.O. Box 06236, Chicago IL 60606-0236

For information, contact Jerry Wagner | jeromewagnerphd@gmail.com or 847-400-6507


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About Peter O'hanrahan

A leading Enneagram teacher and trainer worldwide since 1981, Peter has presented the Enneagram to a wide variety of groups, including corporations, non-profits, university staffs, small businesses, churches and professional associations. He regularly teaches Enneagram workshops in the US, Europe and China. In addition, he is an associate of Enneagram Worldwide and the Enneagram Professional Training Program with David Daniels, MD and Helen Palmer®, having helped train and certify more than 600 Enneagram professionals from a variety of the fields in business, psychology, religion, coaching and spiritual counseling.  With over 40 years of professional experience as a counselor, trainer, and body worker, Peter offers Enneagram coaching and consultation to individuals, couples and groups.

Theenneagramatwork.com | pohanrahan@aol.com


about ginger Lapid-bogda Phd

An OD consultant, trainer, and coach with 40+ years of experience, Ginger is a world-class leader in bringing the Enneagram to organizations across the globe. Her Enneagram-business books have been translated into over 10 languages, and she has certified 1000+ professionals worldwide to use the Enneagram in their coaching, training and consulting practices. Her company, The Enneagram in Business, provides state-of-the-art training materials, and she conducts Train-the-Trainer programs on her books Bringing Out the Best in Yourself at Work and What Type of Leader Are You?, as well as two different “Coaching with the Enneagram” certificate programs based on her book, Bringing Out the Best in Everyone You CoachGinger is also the creator of “Know Your Type,” the robust Enneagram app available on iTunes, Google Play and Kindle.

theenneagraminbusiness.com | info@theenneagraminbusiness.com



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